new-hardwoodIf you want to consider hardwood flooring for your home, not all wood is definitely perfect for the job. People often think that the only difference in hardwood lies in whether it was derived from a pine or a spruce, an oak or a hemlock. There are many more things to consider, however, when weighing a hardwood choice, including the style, type, and grade of wood. Hardwood floors are time tested and flawless. This flooring option has been used in homes for centuries and has since then maintained its allure and elegance. With hardwood floors, one gets a lifetime flooring option when buying from a flooring company in San Luis Obispo County.

The following list outlines some of the many benefits hardwood floors have to offer:

1. Easy to Maintain and Upkeep
Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain which can be a major benefit for keeping your kitchen new looking. No matter what the spill, splash or spray may be, all it takes it a wipe for the mess to disappear. This flooring option is great for families and pet owners. With hardwood floors, cleaning time is cut in half.

2. Less Prone to Fire Damage
When thinking of fires, one would easily assume that when compared to tile and carpet, hardwood floors would be more likely to catch on fire. This however, is a myth. Hardwood floors are actually more resistant to fire than other flooring options. Carpet ignites at a much lower temperature than hardwood and because of its installation process that involves backing and glue that is petrochemical based it burns much more violently. Tile flooring is also petrochemical based and releases toxic smoke when it ignites. Hardwood floors can be repaired after a fire whereas other flooring options would need to be reinstalled.

hardwood-flooring3. Allergy Defense Shield
Hardwood floors are great for people who have indoor allergies. Many flooring options trap and lock dirt, dander, pollen and dust making it a hazard zone for allergy sufferers. With hardwood floors, however, one can rest assured knowing that they can breathe easier. This flooring option does not contain chemicals and dyes that can aggravate allergies nor does it lock on to dust and dander.

4. Regulates Temperature Flow
Hardwood floors do not contain air pockets which means that it is a great temperature regulating flooring option. With hardwood floors, you get a flooring option that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What better flooring option is there.
In conclusion, be sure to do your research and talk to hardwood flooring professionals so you know all of the variables that are involved in selecting the right hardwood floors for your home. A new hardwood floor will increase our property value especially when renting it to tenants. The more you know, the easier your decision will be.