The best way to choosing the quality futon mattresses that fit your needs is understanding the filling they are made of. The mattresses have various reactions depending on the weight of the persons constantly using it.

Also, one should also consider the frequency of use of the mattress. For instance, for the guest bedroom, since the bed is not very frequently used, one should consider cheaper mattresses. For beds which are used every night, one is always encouraged to invest in quality mattresses and achieve the maximum comfort.

The Best Materials for Futon Mattresses

Materials: Fiber, Foam, and Cotton

The most common material used for mattresses is cotton. Mixed with foam for a rigid futon, the more cotton the mattress has the more firm it becomes. The downside of cotton is that the more it is used, the more it shrinks and becomes lump that it needs to be flipped or patted to release the compacted fibers.

These materials used in futon are less expensive materials compared to others. The more cotton and foam are used, the more comfortable the mattress becomes. Sometimes, these materials are combined with wool to increase comfortability and provide the shape of the mattress.

The addition of wool also provides comfort depending on the weather.

Materials: Memory Foam

Visco memory foam was created for the cushions of NASA’s aircraft. Futon mattresses are stuffed with one to four inches of Visco foam combined with polyester and cotton to add more support. The memory foam hugs the frame that it makes for the easier opening and closing or operating the frame in any way.

This kind of futon mattresses is commonly used in furniture for frequent sitting as it provides great comfort and support and does not leave imprints after using. These are also perfect for sleeping if one is used and comfortable in sleeping to memory foam.

For those who are not into memory foams for sleeping, they can always be considered for your sofa and surely, your guests will have a comfortable feel on your sofa mattresses.

Materials: Polyester and Foam

Foam futon mattresses use polyester as encasement. Despite being a lightweight material, the polyester maintains the shape of the futon. These synthetic materials are reliable and comfortable while their pricing depends on the layers of foam used.

The futons made of polyester and foam are designed to last for ten years. They can withstand heavy weights while providing the maximum level of comfort and back support. There are brands which are offering futon mattresses made of polyester specially designed for either comfort or supporting certain weights. One need to canvass to ensure to meet the need on centerfield.

Everything You Need to Know About Futon Mattresses

Materials: Latex

Latex is the new trend of comfort for mattresses. Its surface is dense and its elasticity has guaranteed its quality and comfort. Latex also has this unique feel which other may not be comfortable with other materials.

For people who have pain issues and have trouble sleeping, the latex may provide them the unique comfort they need to relieve their pain and help them sleep tight. Latex can also be combined as core to cotton or it can be the top surface of the wool.

Its versatility is parallel to the comfort it provides. For more info, follow us now at Futon Creations.