composting-101There are many different types of composting bins on the market that are available to buy. Most of the bins that have been created are expensive because of the materials that have been used in creating them. The prices may limit you from buying these manufactured containers. However, that does not mean that you can’t get cheap compost bins. Instead of buying, let us learn how to create compost bin.

How to create compost bin.

If you understand what the compost bins are, then the process of making them is fast and easy.

• Choose the Type of Compost Bin That You Want to Make

There are many great designs that you can use to draw inspiration from a cardboard box, compost bin. This type of tray uses cardboard for the formation of the body. You may opt to use the bricks to make the top part of the bin. One thing that you ought to note is that the cardboard will decompose by itself after a period mostly one year. Pallet compost bin that requires you to build the compost with the pallet. Another type is wire mesh compost bin; this is created using wood and wire mesh. It can be rectangular or spiral in design.

organic• Gather Your Material
No matter the compost bin you choose to make, you will require quality materials and tools. Yes, there are many different cheap compost bins that you may decide to use. However, for a durable compost bin, you need to use untreated wood. This is because the wood is not affected by the decaying materials. There are many types of wood that you can use with cedar wood being the best. You will need to have galvanized nails to fix the pieces together.

• Fix the Material Together
You need to cut the pieces of wood in the perfect size. Take two pieces of wood and place them on either side vertically. Use the uniform pieces and lay them horizontally on them. Fix the pieces together using the nails. You should leave a little space between the wood to promote the supply of air. The perfect size is an inch any other length will make the materials spill out. You need to create two different walls of wood in a uniform manner.

• Connect the Walls
Once you have finished fixing the wood together, you need to mount the walls. At the end of the process, you need to have a square-like design. Place the lid on the development and fix them. You can use other materials to from the cover, but wood is the best. This is because it retains heat better. You may make many different bins for better results.

It is important to note that the compost bin lengthens the process of composting the material. It is also challenging to use these containers as you will need to turn the decaying material manually using a pitchfork. If you want to reduce the composite process, you may opt to use dual tumbling composting bins.