moving-checklistHave you ever gone shopping without a shopping list? If so, you might have ended up doing impulse buying and even forgotten most of the items you needed. Well, moving from one place to another without a moving house checklist can put you in such a scenario. It is necessary to have a moving house checklist as it will help you manage your actions in a better way. It will also ensure that you are not stressed up during the moving day and you won’t forget some of your valuables.

Some of the things you need to put on your moving house checklist are outlined in this article.

1. Change Of Address
Moving to a new location requires you to change your address. This means that you will need to inform your close friends and family members your new address. You also need to inform other contacts such as the post office, financial institutions, insurance companies, family healthcare and the taxation office. This is necessary as it ensures you carry on with your life as comfortably as before.

prepare-for-house-move2. Contact Details Of Movers
Before you move, you need to decide whether you are going to do it yourself or you will need to hire a moving company. If you choose to do it by yourself, you need to have as many friends as possible to assist you in packing and unpacking. You also need to have a van of reasonable size for the transportation of larger items such as furniture. If you need a removal firm, you need to do a thorough research before choosing a firm to work with. Obtain quotes from various companies, get the contact details of your preferred company and book them in advance.

3. Moving Information
For the movers to do their job effectively, you need to provide them with information on the following: contact details of your original house and the house you are moving to, the items you want to relocate, preferred moving dates, special request for any high-value belongings among others.

4. Utility Services
Moving from one place requires you to discontinue your utility services such as cable Tv, pool services, garden maintenance, water, the internet, electricity, newspaper delivery and telephone services. This ensures you don’t incur any further costs after vacating. Furthermore, you need to make sure that these utilities are connected in your new house. If you aren’t sure, you could get water delivered by a reliable comapny like Blue Mountain Water Delivery – Baltimore to ensure that you will have drinkable water while waiting for the utilities to be turned on. Some services such as internet subscriptions and cable television subscriptions can be transferred if you are moving within your own country. Having the above information on your moving house checklist will see to it that you relocate in the most stress-free way possible.