renters plumbing repair problemsWhen a landlord rents out a property there is this problem that arises, who will pay for plumbing services in case they arise. If bathtub pipe leaks, who will pay for repair or installation? Knowing who will pay for plumbing depends on the magnitude or the circumstance around the plumbing issue. It is therefore important to know those issues that are landlord related and those that are tenant related issues.

There are some professional plumbers who are highly qualified in determining who should be accountable of a certain issue. Tenant or the landlord. These plumbers are able to do an estimate and rule out the cause of the problem. If the problem has occurred due to mishandling of the tenant, he or she is held accountable and should pay for plumbing in such a case.

Older homes may have severe plumbing problems or issues. Aged pipes can leak or get completely worn out. Of course that is the responsibility of the landlord. It is also very important to have an agreement between the tenant and the landlord. Some of these things should be well stipulated in the agreement sheet. A plumbing company we spoke with that is now servicing Allen Texas recommends always calling a plumbing company to assess the plumbing situation before renting a property. By doing this, the tenant is able to know the real plumbing situation of the house before making any commitment.

It is equally important for a landlord to call a specific plumbing company in case of a plumbing issue. The plumbing company will be able to do fair assessment and determine the person to take responsibility. This is crucial since plumbers are highly knowledgeable in pipe repairs and all related plumbing issues.

Toilet flooding is apparently the responsibility of the tenant. This may be as a result of something being put in the toilet. With time, some of these issues are very easy to tell whether it’s the tenant or the landlord who is responsible. If such a case arises, the tenant should pay for all the cost.

A leaking toilet that results in a high water bill may also need a plumbing company specialist or staffs to determine the cause of the problem. They will determine if the toilet issue could have been prevented and everything needed to fix it. The reason it leaked or started in the first place may be the deciding factor in who pays for the repair or installation. If it started due to old pipes or poor plumbing, the landlord will have to pay for all the plumbing service again. The tenant can complain that the water bill is high and can’t afford to pay since he or she is not the cause of the leaked pipe. In such a case, the landlord will have to pay some of the tenant’s water bill.

The best thing to do before renting out a house is to have a legal agreement stating clearly what the landlord and tenant should pay in case of an issue respectively. Legal papers should state clearly who is responsible for a specific plumbing problem. That kind of a legal document will help solve the problem or argument on who is responsible and vice versa so when your toilet overflows atleast you will know who is responsible for fixing the damage and removing the swimming pool from your bathroom. If you are a renter and are experiencing plumbing problems, we recommend watching the video above before calling a plumber.