water-heater-brokenWithin your home, the water heater replacement is probably not the first thing that homeowners think about when it comes to the maintenance of the resources within the home.The house would be intolerable at times without a working water heater as a common household resource. However much or little the residents think of their water heaters, the morning in which they wake up to go to work and step into the cold shower is probably the day they can’t stop thinking about it. When faced with a situation that possibly requires water heater repair manassas va or replacement, you need to consider your options.

There is always using professional resources like a plumber is always something you could do if you didn’t have the time, or, if you’d like to feel handy around the house, you can always make an attempt to fix the problem on your own. So where do you start? Because so many people are unfamiliar with and do not think about the water heater as an essential resource daily, most people are hesitant to try and fix the problems all by themselves, however, it is one of the less difficult problems to fix around the house. A lot of the solution will actually depend on what kind of water heater you have. Although there are always many different water heater resources, the two that are very common are gas and electric.


The gas water heater has to use both gas and electric as resources to function as a whole. Your house will actually be heated by the gas but the gas cannot be lit without electricity. Most gas water heaters, for complicated reasons, are normally just replaced when damaged. There is not a lot of individual stuff that can actually be done to it. The water heater replacement is not that difficult, it’s just a matter of ordering. Prices on these are fairly low.

The electric heater is a little easier when it comes to simple repairs. There are many problems that could occur with a resource like an electric water heater, but the one that happens the most often is the heating element that helps to heat a rod until it is a flaming red color. When it isn’t cleaned, there can be a build-up on it that prevents it from working and causes it to be replaced. To replace this part the power needs to be disconnected and the water needs to be shut off. Then all of the wires need to be removed (the ones that are attached to the element) and it needs to be unscrewed and a new one needs to be put in its place. The water heater will take a couple of hours to begin working again so don’t worry, but take pride in your own water heater replacement.