Birthday Cards – Online Selling; All You Need To Know

 Birthday Cards – Online Selling. What does it entail and how do you start this business venture? You may find that you enjoy making cards, and it would not be a lousy idea to get some money from your skills. Taking this step may be difficult, but this article will guide you through it. To get started on this hobby, there will be some tips given below for you to follow.

Learn The Ropes 

Birthday Cards – Online Selling; learn all that you can about it before you start. Do your research well. You could start with online groups and forums where people discuss all that pertains to this topic. You will find all the information you need there and the dos and don’ts. These are experienced people who will be guiding through it. You could also do some online training and workshops. These are very vital to equip you with the skills that you will require. The market for Birthday Cards – Online Selling is continuously changing. Hence you have to ensure that the information you get is up to date.

Do Some Planning Before You Start 

You should plan for your business. The first thing that you will need to do is to consider how you will design these birthday cards. Also, how you will sell them? You may use Adobe Photoshop which is used primarily to create graphics or e-card software. This software will help you in choosing the designs that you want and creating unique pieces that people will adore.


What Is Your Niche? 

What will set you apart from the other online birthday card sellers? You need to know how you will stand out. The market is very crowded hence you have to be smart about it. Your cards need to be unique to be able to have a successful business. You will need something a bit different than your customers would like such as having green cards where all the products that you use are recycled. Another option is to have some of the proceeds go to some ecology projects. Your customers will appreciate that you are doing business and making the world a better place at the same time.

Have A Product Development Plan 

You should have a marketing plan in place for the birthday cards-online selling. You will need to have versatility in the birthday cards and some originality. They will need to attract customers and prevent them from going to your competitors. You should also make plans on the presentation of these cards. How are they packaged? It is everything in business. A card that is unpackaged will command a lower price than one that is packaged well in a cellophane envelope hence looking very professional. Using packaging stops cards helps prevent them from getting dirty and makes them look appealing to the customers. You could also have a label with your contact details. You could give your phone number, website address in case you have one and also an email address. This is for the clients in case they need to make more orders or have some complaints.

Take Photographs 

You could take some photographs of your cards. You are advised to do it on a neutral background so that they pop. Taking these pictures will bring you more business once you upload them on your website or other social media platforms. It is because many people prefer seeing the work before purchasing it since they are more confident about it.

Decide Whether You Will Sell On Your Site Or Other Marketplaces 

One of the hardest decisions that you will be faced with is deciding if you should use your site to sell them or use a site like Etsy. People often choose the latter especially if they do not want the hassle of creating their websites and managing them. They also have a larger audience already than the new website that you will create hence the chances of success here seem to be more. On the other hand, these sites do not offer you all the control over your progress as you would like since you do not have options for promoting your work and there are also some fees that are involved. This would make you increase the cost of your cards which could make you lose business. With your website, the charge that you will pay is much less hence a way of saving money. Also, you have many other options of gaining traffic to your site by using SEO techniques to help you in the ranking of search engines. These techniques are quite easy to learn and will be an excellent tool to steer you in the right direction in this business.


You should find out how much making the birthday card will cost and also how much it will be to ship it to different locations. It is vital since they will help you in pricing the item. You should also ensure that you do not take more orders than you can handle. This will lead to you not making it by the deadlines given. You will have to think of whether you need to hire people to help you with creating these cards. It will be required especially if you have many orders that you cannot do all alone. You need your customers to be satisfied, and this may require some more hands to ensure that the cards are up to par. The lower the quality, the lower you will have to set the cost. It is also an excellent idea to keep track of what you have sold by having an inventory. Remember that people know that handcrafted and even custom made cards are a bit expensive hence do not be afraid of making some profit. Ensure that the cost is reasonable, not too high or too low. You need to be consistent and ensure that the quality is up to par.

Yes, Birthday Cards – Online Selling is possible. You can do it. You need to master some tricks here and there as outlined above to be successful in this business. As long as the products are unique, and your online marketing plan is splendid, you will be on your way to having a successful business.