The Manicure Companies Nail Products – The Easy Route To Gorgeous Nails!

‘Your nails look gorgeous!’ Who doesn’t love to hear this expression when the compliment is directed right at them and their whistle-worthy nails?

Of course, having gorgeous nails tends to mean using gorgeous nail products. The Manicure Companies nail products certainly fit into that category. In fact, let’s take a look at a few of their products and why we all should be using them.

Nocturnal Beauty 

There is something very special about the dark hours; a time of relaxation, atmosphere and intrigue. The nail product, Noctural Beauty by The Manicure Company sure does embrace all of these elements of the night. With stunning inky tones and dark shades that glitter and excite, this is certainly a way of showing off your nails for all they are worth. If you, or your clients, are all about creating a bold and eye-catching statement, Nocturnal Beauty is a set that you really need to have.

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Pro Prep And Wipe Nail Dehydrator And Finishing Solution 

When it comes to creating stunning nails, getting it right from the start is a key element. Using the wrong liquid in the preparation stage can completely ruin the final potential of those nails; not exactly what you have in mind as your end result, right?

Pro Prep And Wipe Nail Dehydrator And Finishing Solution is your ideal choice to get things off on the right foot. It has been specially designed to remove dirt and oil from the nail plate. This means that the manicure will begin with a clean surface, ideal for product adhesion. Such a foundation will mean that the life of gel nails can be extended, as well as their overall appearance.

This liquid is also used to remove the tacky layer which remains after curing, hence those nails are left with that high gloss shine that we all attain to. Indeed, when it comes to The Manicure Companies nail products, this is a choice which is definitely worth having on your shelf!

Professional Nail Lamps 

When it comes to professional nail lamps we know that there are plenty to choose from. Allow us to introduce you to the Dual Pro 48W LED lamp. This uses advanced technology to work along with the rest of our gel products.

Of course, we know that when it comes to all things beauty, including nails and manicures, it’s not just about how well something works but also how good it looks! That is why the Dual Pro 48W UV LED Nail Lamp is made up of brushed aluminium along with glossy black particles; it’s the type of design that inspires beauty as soon as you look at it.

Hence with 39 LED diodes placed in strategic positions to give a full hand cure, good light technology so that eye irritation is reduced, the use of UV and LED, as well as an automatic hand sensor and timer, we are sure that this is a product you will enjoy using over and over again.

As an extra note, The Manicure Company also sells replacement UV bulbs, with prices starting at just €8.95 so you never need to worry about not being able to get the best use of your product.

UV Gel Builders 

Gel nails should be strong, durable and capable of making a great impression. Our builder gels are designed to deliver on all of these fronts. In fact, adhesion can be increased by a staggering 60% and scorching by 20%. Let’s take a look at one of our options.

Cover Gel Light Natural Pink 

If you, or your clients, are looking for natural-looking nails, this is a shade that is sure to please. It creates a colour which mimics that of the natural nail plate, giving your nail a beautiful clean appearance. That means that any unattractive dents, nicks or imperfections in the nail are quickly disguised. It is little wonder that this product is one of the favourites from the product range!

Ultra Builder Clear UV Gel Builder 

The self-leveling and strength properties of this Ultra Builder are certainly worthy of consideration. It is perfect as an application over nail tips or forms and increases adhesion by up to an impressive 60%.

Files And Tools 

‘A worker is only as good as their tools’. Have you ever heard this expression? It doesn’t just apply to a construction site, it applies in every nail salon across the country too! By using the right products and tools you can become the expert you want to be.

It’s not just the bigger and more expensive products that you have to give consideration too, it’s the small ones that count just as much. Take for instance the files that you use. By using cheap and inefficient versions you risk ruining the gorgeous nails you were about to create. Let’s take a look at one example of a file that can help you live up to your potential.

100/180 Grit Pro Nail File 

Using the highest grade of Japanese sandpaper, these files give stability, good grip and work to create smooth and fluid movement. They can be sanitized and reused and provide an excellent choice for any nail salon. Remember, the little things really do count and your choice of nail file is an essential part of the nails that you create.

Indeed, we know that both you, and for those in the industry, your clients too, want to have nails that are capable of making a real impression. Remember, if you really are aiming for whistle-worthy nails you need to be using whistle-worthy products. The Manicure Companies nail products are sure to fit the bill on this front. With an excellent selection of liquids, polishes, gels and everything else you need to create gorgeous nails, you really will be spoiled for choice with this product range. Go on – treat you and your clients to products that know how to make a real impression, you will soon see that The Manicure Companies nail products sure are the easy route to gorgeous nails!